Rogers Holiday kit Vintage drums, legendary sounds: When we think of legendary American drums that the golden era of popular music was built on, one of the finest drum sets ever produced was this here ginger Rogers. Although this drum set started life in the catalogues and in the drum stores as a silver glass glitter wrap, time has matured it. The colour change is no indication of a poor quality finish; many drum sets from this era spent their days and more likely, nights in smoky bars and clubs and quite often, tobacco staining can be a factor of the colour change. Some believe these to be the finest drums ever produced, and the sound, build quality and design would certainly lend well to this accolade. It was his son who, in the s, began producing drums.

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I Will Write for You How to choose the best drumheads. A list of the finest drumheads ever made and my reasons for judgment Are there really 20 best drumheads aka drum heads? Hopefully this will help you when selecting drumheads at your drum shop. Trust your sales assistant—sales associate—because they see a lot of products come and go.

The history of Ludwig Drums – The Vintage Drum Guide shows you Ludwig Finishes, Ludwig Drum Badges, Ludwig Drum Set catalog pages, Ludwig Snare Drum catalog pages and the most complete Ludwig history all on one vintage drum web site Ludwig Drum Company History. Regardless, there are three different Ludwig Serial Number dating guides.

Search our web sites! From here you should be able to gather information to determine what Ludwig Drums you have and what year they were made. What you might not know if you are new to vintage drums is that manufactureres did not keep accurate records and inventory control was not part of the daily operations of drum making.

One day a box of drum badges could turn up or in many cases new serial number badges were put on top of older serial number badges making it difficult for us today to know exactly when the drum was made. Regardless, there are three different Ludwig Serial Number dating guides, drum badge dating guides and all sorts of Ludwig History. Just follow the links below This web site is connected to a large drum forum related to vintage drums where you could do even more research and or become a member to ask qeustions and learn from people that have been collecting for many years.

The Vintage Drum Forum can be found by clicking here. Here are links to the different Ludwig Drum Company History sections on this web site that will help you pin point the year and type of Ludwig drums you have. From the back of catalogs.

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View these lyrics by clicking on the song links at the top of this page. The instrumental tracks were recorded in four days and the vocals added afterward in six days. Inside of a week later, they had a finished record. Notably, for the first time there were no cover songs. No longer allowed the endless club dates that had honed their past material and defined the songwriting process, Eddie and Alex played the main riff to the song together in Dr.

Serial Number Based Dating Guides for Vintage Ludwig Drums Main Line Drums & Standard Drums A fresh look at vintage Ludwig drums, with an emphasis on understanding how to evaluate authenticity and estimate manufacturing dates.

But not to worry: Poplar is the standard wood used for drums in that price range. Well, poplar is robust and will last you for a good few years. But I find that those sound differences are very subtle and hardly noticeable for a beginner or even intermediate drummer. So my recommendation is: The snare produces very crisp, snappy sounds and is complimented very well by the toms.

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The lion’s share of vintage Ludwig drums available on the market hail from the company’s golden years of the ’60s, ’70s, and early ’80s. The fifty years from Ludwig’s inception in to the early s deserves its own article, so in order to give you the most pertinent information for dating, we’ll be .

Some were…brace yourself…pro, seamless Phenolic! Some of the shells, oh yeah, were gorgeous! Some of them are not what you think. You were given fair warning. I described my experience acquiring such a drum kit in these pages. The look was interesting, granted, but the metal was soft and prone to crack; the shells were porous second-grade Asian softer-woods, overly flexible, and often untrue or out-of-round.

They had no value as trade-ups to prestigious brands they emulated: Slingerland, Gretsch, and occasionally Rogers. Truth be told, for the most part, those stencil brand kits were dodgy and, if not outright junk, they rarely peaked the VU meters. There were, perhaps, such stencil brands emanating from the Pearl and Hoshino later Tama factories in the sixties. Today, my research suggests strongly that I limit myself to a discussion of Pearl s shells, specifically the good that resides alongside the bad and the ugly.

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Drum badge Slingerland catalog Slingerland is a drum manufacturer originally based out of Chicago, Ill. The drum brand was famously played by Buddy Rich, who’s still considered one of the greatest drummers of all time. Clues to be used in dating a Slingerland drum can be found all around the drum and can help you occasionally home in on an exact date of the drum.

The lack of accurate serial number recording and large overlaps and reissues of shell veneers and labels can make dating the drums slightly more difficult than other drum brands. Take a look at the badge on the drum. The drum badge is one of the easiest ways to accurately date a Slingerland drum.

Vintage Drum Center 60’s Ludwig dating guide: Also if you wish to purchase vintage drums or new drum gear this is the place to go! If you have this badge you can’t use the serial number guides below.

Dating Vintage Zildjian Cymbals 4 comments.. Check out an extensive range in stock and available for rapid delivery.. Check out an extensive range in stock and available for rapid delivery. Actually I cant say only anymore theres a couple others out there but they just steal the work that I rightfully stole from others.. Most orders are eligible for free shipping! Handcraft more than ever is a strong direction for the future.

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April 4, BY R. It was a powerhouse that I cherished and even took along with me on my first tour of Europe ultimately being damaged in a stunningly stupid Keith Moon—esque act of onstage destruction. But as I matured and moved from punk bands to alt-country, more and more I settled into playing old wooden snare drums, the latest being vintage So when Pearl sent me their new Sensitone Elite line, I approached the drums with a bit of built-in skepticism: The words new and metal instantly turned me off.

Dating Ludwig Drums – Ludwig Serial Numbers Due to the number of requests we receive we are unable to offer individual dating and drum appraisals however here’s information from the Ludwig web site on how to date Ludwig drum kits and shells.

Ringo rocks as he plays his 2nd Ludwig drum set on February 11, at the Washington Coliseum. A Second Bass Drum Anchor for The Ed Sullivan Show When Ringo played on the Ed Sullivan Show, little did most of us know that a stage anchor bolt was secured to the riser platform in front of his bass drum to prevent the drum from sliding forward. The P mounting bracket features a wing bolt that screws into the casing.

This bracket was used as follows: The bass drum spurs and floor tom legs also used a knurled texture surface in the area where they inserted into the mounting brackets. In the photos below, note that the 12″x8″ tom was mounted upside down. Here’s what I found clever: This is a top view of Ringo’s “Sullivan kit” bass drum. The mount was positioned using one of the original holes indicated by the green arrow. Ringo took possession of his new Ludwig drum set on May 12,

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Ludwig 3-ply questions criz p. I just bought an almost pristine 24×14 in white cortex. So I figure it’s early 70s. But I’d like to better date it, if possible, as well as understand more re: I’ve searched the forums already, but couldn’t find any answers to my specific questions. But by , as I understand it, they had moved to the 6-ply shells.

Furthermore, not all of the dates that went on the drums stayed on the drums. Dick Gerlack, who recently retired from the Ludwig Drum Company as their quality control manager/ trainer/ buyer, was with the drum company from to

Top URL related to gretsch drums vintage 1. Gretsch Drums is part of The Gretsch Company’s line of musical instruments. The company’s motto is “That Great Gretsch Sound! This information is provided by Gretch drums when you email them about badges. Thanks for your interest in dating your Gretsch drums. Gretsch was founded in by Friedrich Gretsch, a young German immigrant who opened his own musical instrument shop on Middleton Street in Brooklyn, New York in His shop was designed for the manufacture of banjos, tambourines, and drums… 4.

We have an extensive inventory that is constantly changing so keep checking back for new and unique vintage drums and cymbals. For more than years, our award-winning company has been providing “That Great Gretsch Sound” to drummers around the globe.

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Get a Feel for Vintage Drums Get a Feel for Vintage Drums Drums form the essential rhythm and backbone for all types of music, including rock, jazz, country, pop, and classical. You’ll find complete vintage drum sets as well as individual pieces to round out your set on eBay. Discover vintage drum sets Yesterday’s drum sets were simple and small compared to today’s elaborate sets. They typically included three pieces 3 pc or four pieces 4 pc , but can sometimes have five pieces 5 pc similar to today’s basic drum sets.

Read vintage drum listings carefully and examine accompanying photos to determine what comes with a vintage drum set. Some vintage drum sets only include drums while others come with everything you need to play.

Dating ludwig drums 70’s timeline vintage drum company, dating it read this the ludwig drums. Serial number dating guides, three ply, introduced in general agreement when it was the ‘s were the serial.

Vintage Drum Guide Search our web sites! I get emails all of the time with a basic drum description and a serial number from visitors in hopes I can unlock the history of their drum. I think in general serial numbers do play an important role in the commercial market especially electronics and other high end items. In the 60’s Insurance companies made it mandatory that serial numbers be put on items so they can be documented.

Unfortunately drum companies never really prescribed to any code of documenting a drum based on that serial number. In fact I once heard that they started using serial numbers not for their own use per say but so schools and institutions could keep track of instruments in inventory. I also get people asking what factory a drum might have shipped from or the exact month a drum was made or even the production numbers etc. The ever important serial number which some companies keep detailed records of unfortunately does not exist in the history of drums.

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These three different standard models have features that make possible an unlimited number of tonal effects of great vitality and brilliance. These features place at the Drummer’s command a character of rhythm in exact accord with all styles of music. Your leader and other musicians will be quick to recognize the difference in quality and projection of sound coming from the drums.

Rhythm is the job of the Drum. Rhythm without tonal shading becomes monotonous Their brilliance will help you to shine!

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Steve Maxwell Vintage Drums – Ludwig 24/13/16/16/5×14″ Buddy Rich Centennial Drum Set!