Could you talk about a couple of moments that were highlights for you? Johnny Cash and June Carter, partners in art and life. When I married June Carter, March 1, My son was born March 3, My induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame, which is the ultimate for a country singer, in They recognized my Rockabilly roots, I suppose. To recognize a talent that comes from God through a person. That means more to me.

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World’s richest man says ageing nations face “chronic problem” 19 Feb His grey pinstripe suit may be made by Brioni, the fine Italian tailors, but his watch is a very ordinary-looking plain dial with a leather strap. Indeed, his only concessions to luxury are a fondness for Cuban cigars, a box of which sits on the coffee table in his office, and a passion for fine art.

A new museum to house his vast collection is due to open in Mexico City next week, and the quality is evident from a visit to his office.

Oct 24,  · 17 Carlos Slim Helu 64 Mexico Mexico, Mexico City 18 Michael Dell 39 United States United States, TX, Round Rock 19 Steven Ballmer 47 United States United States, WA, .

Share this article Share She added: Carlos Slim Helu, head of Telecom, is the richest man in the world. The findings come as David Cameron and other world leaders fly to Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economics Forum, attended by some of the most influential businesses. Widening inequality is creating a vicious circle where wealth and power are increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few, leaving the rest of us to fight over crumbs from the top table.

We will soon live in a world where equality of opportunity is just a dream. Oxfam’s report comes as David Cameron and other world leaders pictured at the G8 summit fly to Davos in Switzerland for the World Economic Forum Concern was strongest in Spain, followed by Brazil and India and least marked in the Netherlands. In the UK, some 67 per cent agreed that ‘the rich have too much influence over where this country is headed’ – 37 per cent saying that they agreed ‘strongly’ with the statement.

Just 10 per cent who disagreed, 2 per cent of them strongly. Share or comment on this article.

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David Chilton David Chilton was born in October, He is a television personality, an investor and an author. He has also compiled a series of low fat cook books which have also become bestsellers. Today, he lives in Kitchener, Ontario. He runs a publishing company and a financial planning business.

Carlos Slim Helu net worth: Carlos Slim Helu is a Mexican businessman and one of the richest people in the world who has a net worth of $70 billion. Carlos Slim Helu was born Find this Pin and more on My Board by Anthony Smith.

Slim constructed the museum in as part of the Plaza Carso, his distinctive multi-use development in Mexico City’s Polanco. Slim has noted that, since many Mexicans cannot afford to travel overseas to view art collections, he believed it was important to house a prestigious collection of international art in Mexico. Free to the public, the Soumaya houses more than 60, pieces of art on six floors that offer 6, square meters of exhibition space.

The top-floor sculpture garden, dominated by a spectacular skylight, displays numerous Rodins. Each of the floor plans in the museum is distinct in its shape, and the weight of the building is upheld by a skeleton of 28 curved-steel vertical columns and seven floor slabs that frame the whimsical form. This and other difficulties made a secondary structure necessary—one based on seemingly impossible requirements: Adapt to the true form of the construction without significantly changing the spatial model created by Gehry Technologies.

Shape both the exterior and the interior walls of the museum, which must be no more than a few millimeters from the column surfaces. Smooth out any surface irregularities and remain continuous from ground to roof as well as all around the entire envelope of the building. Precisely define the position and orientation of each of thousands of different hexagons. Adapt to variations in structural shape due to the generous construction tolerances of the steel and concrete superstructure.

Design, fabricate and erect on a fast-track, short schedule, simultaneously with the construction of the rest of the building. Geometrica proposes a free-style structure At the beginning of , already two years into the three-year construction schedule, the Romero and Gehry team was still searching for a solution.

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The eight individuals who own as much as half of the rest of the planet are all men, and have largely made their fortunes in technology. Most are American, with one European and one Mexican in the mix. Several have pledged to give it all to charity. The eight tycoons’ net worth, as calculated by Forbes magazine, was cited Monday by anti-poverty activists Oxfam in a report highlighting income inequality.

Carlos Slim Helu is a business tycoon who was ranked the richest person on the planet for three consecutive years. He holds a degree in civil engineering from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. his net worth is billion USD.

The old boy’s club better learn how to talk to girls, as there are now more female billionaires than ever. A record women made this year’s Forbes magazine billionaires list, up 25 per cent from last year. Sandberg became extra-wealthy when her 12 million shares in Facebook stock jumped per cent last year. But she’s also known outside the social network for writing ‘Lean In’ – a manifesto for women seeking success in the male-dominated corporate world.

Scroll down for video Leaning in: Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is one of 42 new women on the Forbes billionaires list which broke records this year for the largest share of females on the list Earning her spot: She also penned ‘Lean In’ – a manifesto for women working their way up the corporate ladder left Also new on the list is Folorunsho Alakija, who became Nigeria’s first female billionaire after striking it rich with an oil business.

Sanberg, Alakija and Coates are three of five newcomers to the list – and just 32 of the total female billionaires – who are self-made. British betting company founder Denise Coates is one of five of the 42 female newcomers who made her fortune herself The rest either inherited their wealth from a parent or husband, proving women still have a long way to go before they share equal wealth and power with men.

Altogether, women make up just under 10 per cent of the total 1, billionaires on the list. Estee Lauder’s granddaughters are also new additions, thanks mostly to their inherited make-up empire fortunes. Jane Lauder is expected to take over control of Clinique in April while her sister Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer runs her own lifestyle brand.

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The Greek-speaking Mediterranean region was a powerhouse for the Early Church, producing many revered Church Fathers as well as those who became labelled as heresiarchs , such as Nestorius. The two schools dominated the theological controversies of the first centuries of Christian theology. Whereas Antioch traditionally focused the grammatical and historical interpretation of Scripture and developed a dyophysite christology , Alexandria was much influenced by neoplatonism , using an allegorical interpretation and developing miaphysitism.

Christians experienced sporadic persecutions in both political spheres.

Carlos Slim Helu In the year , Forbes reported Carlos Slim Helu to be the fourth wealthiest person in the world. In and , he was in the first position.

So, how much is his net worth? Let us find out about his properties and sources of income. Is he the Most Richest of All? The Mexican business tycoon and investor Carlos Slim is more focused on the economies of scale and monopoly. Business Insider His Houses and Car Collection Carlos has a handsome fortune, and of course, he has a house of everyone’s dream.

His 20, square-foot mansion is one of the most expensive public listings in New York City till date. The house was officially called the Benjamin N. In addition to it, the very Fifth Avenue palace landed as one of the most expensive homes in New York City at present. Slim; still the world’s richest man Source: He also has an immense passion for fine art. The Bentley Continental Flying Spur doesn’t just sound fancy; its commendable performance speaks up every detail.

Maybach Guard, Cadillac, and Audi also come on the list.

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Carlos Slim, one of the richest people in the world is living a relatively simple life with his has currently invested in a wide range of projects including education, healthcare, transport, hospitality, and .

Tweet on Twitter Who is Carlos Slim? Born on January 28, , Carlos Slim Helu was declared as the richest person of the world for 4 consecutive years from to Curious to become a businessman from young age, Carlos began investing in young age. He learned about business and investment from his father who also taught him about finance and management. By the age of 15, he already had invested in the largest bank of Mexico and started earning about pesos a week.

Later on he started studying Civil Engineering and also started teaching algebra in the same university. He was a clever man indeed; he knew exactly when the crisis in Mexico was going to end and invested heavily before Mexico recovered from economic crisis in He bought large portion of shares from oil companies, mining companies, and also chemical companies.

In , Grupo Carso became a huge company not only in Mexico but also all around the world. Later on he bought a Mexican landline company and also started investing in government companies and privatizing it.

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