Voting Registers Somerset, maritime county in SW. The coast line is generally low and marshy in the E. The interior consists of ranges of hills separated by valleys, or by extensive low marshy flats. Both soil and climate are well adapted for agriculture, particularly in the low alluvial tracts; and in the Vale of Taunton heavy crops of the finest wheat are raised. The rich meadows rear large numbers of cattle, and the hilly grounds are pastured with numerous flocks of sheep. The chief minerals worked are lead, iron, and slate. The principal manufactures are woollen and worsted goods, gloves, lace, linen, crape, silk, paper, glass, and bath-bricks. There are salmon, herring, and other fisheries in the Bristol Channel. An important chain of internal communication is formed by the Yeo and Parret navigation and the Glastonbury Canal.

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Volume 66, Issue 6 , December , Pages Skeletal preservation of children’s remains in the archaeological record Author links open overlay panel B. Manifold Show more https: Taphonomic alterations and processes are commonly encountered on human skeletal remains in both archaeological and forensic contexts. It is these processes that can alter the appearance of bone after death and the properties of the bones influence their reaction to these processes thus leading to differential preservation within a skeletal sample, none more so than the remains of children.

This study investigates the skeletal preservation of child and adolescent skeletons from six contrasting early and late medieval cemeteries from Britain in an attempt to assess whether geographical location and geology had an effect on the overall preservation of the skeletons. Also the presence of natural and artificial taphonomic processes was recorded for each skeleton.

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Workhouse Glossary Almshouse An establishment, usually funded by a charitable endowment, providing free or subsidised accommodation for the elderly poor of good character, and typically constructed as a row of small self-contained cottages. A wealthy person might bequeath money for the setting up of some almshouses in the hope that the residents might then regularly pray for his soul.

See also Poorhouse , Workhouse. Badging of the Poor An Act of , amending the Settlement laws, required that anyone receiving poor relief wear a badge on their right shoulder. The badge, in red or blue cloth, consisted of the letter “P” together with the initial letter of the parish, for example “AP” for Ampthill parish.

A Brief Guide To Irish Archaeological Sites. This page is intended as a brief intorduction to some of the many types of archaeological monuments which can be seen in Ireland.

In the ninth century the fortress on top of the rock was attacked by a Viking army, and the Abbot of Terryglass was killed. Later the powerful Anglo-Norman lord William Marshall built the castle further in the late 12th century. This medieval fortress ruin provides views of the surrounding countryside and this was originally a strategic placement for defence. Opening hours and costs: The site is FREE to enter and is open during daylight hours year-round. Dunamase The museum tells the story of the Famine, particularly focusing on its aftermath and how Irish life and agriculture changed.

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These megalithic tombs are characterized as having a gallery constructed with side-stones which decrease in height from the western to the eastern end, and are either parallel or give it a wedge-shaped appearance. They usually have an outer revetment walling which is close set and emphasizes the wedge shape. They are roofed with large stones which sit directly on the walls of the gallery and are usually oriented north-east to south-west, and the entrance, placed at east, is often closed by a single stone.

Dublin, there was a small ante-chamber placed at the east end. Some sites interpreted as wedge tombs are quite small, such as Reananiree, Co. Cork, which measures a little over 1m in length, and appear to overlap, morphologically, with Bronze Age cist graves.

County Laois was once a center of Irish religious and cultural life. The ruins of old medieval stone castles dot the countryside, together with the isolated remains of once great monasteries. Today this grand Palladian House dating from is a hotel. Image Credit.

Prehistoric[ edit ] The first people in Laois were bands of hunters and gatherers who passed through the county about 8, years ago. They hunted in the forests that covered Laois and fished in its rivers, gathering nuts and berries to supplement their diets. These people of the Neolithic period to BC cleared forests and planted crops. Their burial mounds remain in Clonaslee and Cuffsborough. They produced weapons, tools and golden objects. Visitors to the county can see a stone circle they left behind at Monamonry , as well as the remains of their hill forts at Clopook and Monelly.

Skirk, near Borris-in-Ossory, has a Bronze Age standing stone and ring fort.

Your summer in Ireland: 5 must-see sites in Laois

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The second element refers to the goddess Macha, for whom nearby Armagh Ard Mhacha is also named. However, the overall meaning of the name is unclear. It has been interpreted as “Macha’s twins” or “Macha’s pair” possibly referring to the two features on the hilltop, or to Navan Fort and another nearby monument , [2] or as “Macha’s brooch ” possibly referring to the shape of the monument. There are tales that try to explain how the name came about.

Others believe it refers to a place on the coast.

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Ruins of many large homes from the time the land was owned by English landlords can be found throughout Laois. Some of these great houses survive and are now hotels and country guest houses. Gortnaclea Castle Few of these ruins are open to visitors. They stand as lonely sentinels in the fields of Laois, reminders of the days when Norman lords ruled these lands, and built their homes as fortresses to protect them from their enemies.

Built atop a dramatic rocky outcrop the Rock of Dunamase soars above the green fields of central Laois. Image Credit Merely a short walk from the parking area at the Church with the Red Door, the castle remains are well worth a visit. This is one of the most ancient sites in Ireland. Believe it or not, it appears on a map created by the Greek cartographer, Ptolemy in AD Stories of banshees and faerie dogs guarding buried treasure are told about the Rock of Dunamase.

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