The former North Charleston officer has been held in solitary confinement since his arrest on murder charges in the April 4th shooting death of Walter Scott. The arrest of the North Charleston officer, Michael Slager, comes after a series of high-profile deaths of black Americans at the hands of police officers last year prompted a national debate over policing, racism, and the use of deadly force. Last month, President Obama outlined proposals for police reform based on a task force report commissioned after incidents in Ferguson, Missouri and New York. Slager, the year-old police officer, is white; Walter Scott, the year-old victim, was black. According to local reports, Slager pulled over Scott for a broken tail light on his vehicle on Saturday afternoon. A police spokesman originally told media that Scott had taken the Taser from Slager and attempted to wield it against the officer, at which point Slager drew his weapon and shot Scott.


You can take this tour on any week day, not just on Mondays and Wednesdays. See the very home where a year-old George Washington laid his head for 6 weeks in Also see, walk and learn all about the intriguing and mysterious Garrison Tunnels.

Richard Dwayne Gordon, stage name “Prohgres”, was born on November 8, “I sing music for the ladies, the tugs and people who just find refuge in the craft because a music I find refuge in from all the twist and turns life throw my way”.

A young man who was described by his lawyer as having the mental capacity of a 9-year-old child was jailed Thursday for 27 months for an opportunist street mugging in George Town two years ago. In her final Christmas Message to the people of the Cayman Islands as its governor, Helen Kilpatrick lauded the generosity of Caymanians. Cayman Eye News 22 Dec Fri Weather In Cayman Synopsis Moderate to fresh easterly winds and seas is expected across the Cayman area from this afternoon as the pressure gradient across the Caribbean tightens.

Radar images show no showers over the Cayman area. Cayman Compass I would like to thank all the people of the Cayman Islands for making me so welcome when I arrived and for making my time here truly such a pleasure. It has been a privilege to experience the culture and tremendous sense of community that you all share. Christmas Premier Alden McLaughlin: Merry Christmas, Cayman Source:

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Coma Awareness The brain is still an organ with many mysteries yet to be solved. It controls our very lives and allows us to have consciousness. However, what happens when it is injured, forcing the person with the injury to become comatose or in a vegetative state? Are they clinically “dead?

Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Social media sensations Majah Hype and Vena E. will.

Haiti is in truth rich with oil and minerals as is Africa. It would be wonderful if those nations proclaiming to be Christian would demonstrate Christian based policies in spirit and truth. Next time bring condoms. Forced sterilization should be part of TPS. These things breed like rats. Set a good example Whoopi. Show us you really care about these families

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You should include your full name as the University has it on their records, your student number, year and course you are on, the unit title and your LCC email address. It both tells us why you personally choose it and why you think it is important to you and your thinking about the subject. At this stage you need to decide how much detail you wish to go into about the subject.

Mar 07,  · MAJAH HYPE before you have kids what did you want a boy or a girl. I just did want f***.

Miss Palmer – No Beef Mellina – Sureina Original Radio Edit Nicki Minaj – Starships Swedish House Mafia – Miami 2 Ibiza Topmodelz – Little Wonders Classic Edit Papa London – Chiquitam Radio Edit Ameerah – Sound Of Missing You Dj Antoine – Crazy World

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Step up DJ Edu. After winning a mix and scratch championship in he came to the UK to pursue his dream of working at the highest possible level and promoting the music from the continent. My first impression of the UK market was surprise more than anything else. I got to know the right people and started to diversify into other clubs that had a large African clientele, but not just East African now. It was very London based, but I did do a couple of gigs in Scotland.

I did a few gigs as a promoter to strengthen my position here, working with African artists and giving them a platform in the UK.

Can anyone sort through the marketing hype and deliver actual honest feedback on good supplements to use You’ll get the complete picture and step by step explanations in Race Kale’s new book “The Power of Charisma”. Louis who with the Duchess of Cornwall had appeared outside the Lindo Wing earlier sporting a grey bespoke suit and a.

Carroll had a birds-eye view of the Vietnam War and saw the lies up close, himself being charge of overseeing the intelligence that Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara saw. He may have provided some source material for his son in chronicling the internally contradictory McNamara, who ramped up the war and was replaced by Johnson when he began to publicly renounce his own strategy of mass-bombing. The author writes that Gen. Carroll was demoted and fired in because he had refused to sign off on the inflated Soviet missile counts, the “missile gap,” that Congress and President Nixon were using to justify an anti-ballistic missile program.

Carroll had an up-close look at Richard Nixon’s “Madman” strategy of bringing US nuclear forces to alert three times to attempt to frighten the Soviets into thinking he might actually start a war the Soviets, writes Carroll, never brought their forces to alert. All this was enough to sour the General and Carroll uses such examples to show the impending danger to the world of a superpower’s unchecked military might. I listened to this book about the same time Ken Burns’ Vietnam documentary aired, which focused heavily on the lies the government told or information it withheld from the public; I found the works complementary.

This book is also partly about the younger and elder Carroll’s relationship. The military man could not understand his son’s foray into the Catholic Priesthood. The General’s son is a self-proclaimed ‘peacenik’ who gives the benefit of the doubt to the Soviets on several occassions like the Nixon example above.

Double Mint: The Secret Life of Prince’s Trini ‘Twinz’

Rarely would one consider gritty port city streets, dancehall blasting from passing cars, and gunshots busting out for celebratory reasons. In this part of Costa Rica, reggae has the music and style scene on lock. Red, gold, and green colors and the Jamaican flag are seen on shirts, bracelets, bandanas, and necklaces.

Majah Hype, the Caribbean King of Comedy, has traveled the world entertaining fans with his one-of-a-kind delivery and an ever-growing cast of characters. This spring, he will bring the funny to the Love & Harmony Cruise for the second time– sailing to Montego Bay, Jamaica, and Georgetown.

Blackson, who publicly released a very humorously entertaining video claiming that the West Indian team must have cheated last year, has returned. Both he and coach, MC Bonde, have vowed to bring the cup back to Africa. However, this will be no easy task since internet and Instagram sensation, Majah Hype — whose real name is Collin Nigel McPherson and who was raised in East Kingston, Jamaica, Dunkirk, to be exact — will be leading the team from the islands this year.

Although it is known that he resides in New York City, the fact that he has been able to keep his background a huge mystery, has been accredited to his ability to imitate a variety of accents with impeccable accuracy. Hype has a following of over , via his Instagram page majahhype, and has been spotted with many popular artists and celebrities world-wide.

There have even been rumours of Hype being awarded his own show on the BET network for , although like his heritage, when asked he never confirms or denies. For additional information and tickets visit www.

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Now I praise you, brethren, that ye remember me in all things, and keep the ordinances, as I delivered them to you. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man. For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head because of the angels. Nevertheless neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord.

For as the woman is of the man, even so is the man also by the woman; but all things of God. Follow the traditions we give you; A Headship explained: C Nature Illustrates the Principle of Covering i It is a shame for men to have long hair; ii It is a glory for women to have long hair; iii Hair is a natural covering of the head. After all, this is one of the nicer aspects of being man — getting to typify the glory of God and the headship of Christ.

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October 29, 4 weeks ago Interview: Tyra Myricks talks Wealth clothing line plus collab with Drake and OVO Tyra Myricks, daughter of Jam Master Jay, is a fashion designer and celebrity stylist with over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur. October 18, Interview: In our conversation with Steff Reed three July 04, Interview: July 02, Interview:

Double Mint: The Secret Life of Prince’s Trini ‘Twinz’ Words by Jesse Serwer If you’ve caught any of Prince’s recent shows at Madison Square Garden or elsewhere, chances are your eyes spent a great deal of time taking in the sight of his new dancers-slash-backup-singers, the “Twinz,” aka Maya and Nandy McClean.

RSVP contact information If there is a cost to attend the event It is also important to send the invitation out in a timely manner. This means at least six to eight weeks before the event if it is a formal affair and two to three weeks before a casual event. This schedule will give the guests time to respond and plan accordingly. Corporate Event Invitation Wording Ideas Depending on the event your company is planning, the wording in the invitation should reflect what is expected from those invited to the function.

If it is a holiday party that the company is hosting for the employees, state this clearly. Those invited will know that the event is for fun and that there is no pressure for the evening.

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